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How can Hola Spanish Lessons help you?

First of all, we need to know more about you:

What is your objective? Are you learning Spanish for travel, for a job promotion, to pass your exams or to better understand your Spanish speaking partner?

What is your previous experience with Spanish? Are you a complete beginner or have you studied Spanish before or do you simply understand a few words?

What are your hobbies and favourite activities?

Once we understand your level, goals and motivation, we can personalise your course and set-up activities and targets specifically for you.

During your first lesson we will assess your learning style and adapt our teaching to suit how you learn best.

We want to help you achieve your goals and believe adaptability and flexibility is the best way to do this.

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Fun, bite size learning

I’ve just completed 5 days of online beginner lessons with Ellie and what a fun way to learn. Ellie has produced all her own material and has made the lessons very interactive where we all get involved in learning and speaking together. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn or improve their spanish. One of the best things I’ve done during my time in quarantine 😀

Bijal Mehta

Elizabeth is extremely patient

After recently completing level A1 with Hola Spanish lessons I would like to say it was very enjoyable. Elizabeth is extremely patient and made the learning experience fun. Lessons were structured well and she created a relaxing environment which gave me the confidence to learn more. I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to learn Spanish to use Hola Spanish.

Paul Walsh‎

Elizabeth has a natural flair for teaching

Elizabeth has a natural flair for teaching Spanish. She is patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Her “in-situ” approach to teaching is helpful in contextualising the language. I enjoyed my classes with her, and am happy to recommend her to anyone wanting to improve or learn Spanish.

Ilana Botha‎

The teachers of Hola Spanish are qualified and dedicated

The teachers of Hola Spanish lessons are very qualified and dedicated. They create bespoke courses according to the student’s needs and mother tongue’s bias.
They are very kind, patient and keen on adapting their method according to student’s weaknesses. In fact, they always keep track of our weaknesses and come up with good ways to deal with them.
They do teach not only basic touristic language but also other topics like professional needs.

Eduardo Gomes‎

Elizabeth is able to deliver the lessons in a fun and friendly way

Elizabeth is able to deliver the lessons in a fun and friendly way, whilst remaining professional. The rigidity of a typical classroom is non-existent with Hola Spanish, as lessons are tailored to how you want it to be – covering aspects from South American culture to business needs.
The methods and techniques used ensure engagement and good progress alike. I have no doubt in recommending lessons from Elizabeth.

‎Imran Khan‎

Really enjoyed the lessons

Really enjoyed the lessons and learned alot daily. Great teaching style and each material was very catered to my learning style too. Highly recommended! 😆👌👌

Kal-El Kent‎

My spanish classes is one of my happy moment of the week

I’ve been learning spanish for over year. My first teacher was Carolina, and since she moved out, I’ve been having lessons with Elizabeth.
My spanish classes is one of my happy moment of the week. It’s a one-to-one lesson when I learn and improve my speaking, reading and conversation.
The teachers (first was Carolina, now it’s Elizabeth ) are professionals and in the same time friendly, and make me feel comfortable to conversate.
Time flies when I have my spanish class. I highly recommend hola spanish lessons.

Stefy Ca‎

I enjoyed all of her classes

Elizabeth has really good teaching skills with good and passionate personality, I enjoyed all of her classes very much as she prepared a lot as well for every class. 😊

Clara Chung‎


Ellie is a great teacher and coach. She has a great personality and teaching skills. In one week time i can tell i achieved my goal ! Thank you Ellie for your time!:)

Marcello Caruso‎