Spanish Lessons for Children

Level: Beginner to Advanced

The classes are structured according to the practice of the four language skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. Our program is designed to meet the creative learning needs of all children.

Why should children learn Spanish?

  • Children have a natural ability to easily learn a foreign language.
  • Research shows that children who learn a second language have a higher rate of success in their education and their subsequent adult careers.
  • Spanish is already the second international business language and the third most used language on the internet. The importance of Spanish in the world will only continue to grow.
  • Speaking Spanish provides students that competitive edge they will need for future college admission and job placement in our emerging global economy.

Options for private Spanish tuition:

  1. If you prefer, it is possible to book a consultation with a potential teacher before engaging in a course.
  2. Then select between 5 or 10 lessons.
  3. Finally choose between 90 minute or 120 minute lessons.

Before booking your course, please be aware of the following terms and conditions:

  1. Lessons (as well as consultations and catch-up lessons) cancelled with less than 24-hours’ notice will be charged in full. Cancellations should be made directly with the tutor.
  2. If your tutor cancels your lesson (as well as consultations and catch-up lessons) you are entitled to a one hour lesson free of charge.
  3. A block of 5 private lessons should be taken in a 6-week period. A block of 10 lessons should be taken in a 12-week period.
  4. Any rearrangement of time or teaching venue should be done directly between the tutor and the student.
  5. Any issues related to the lessons or the tutor should be reported to Elizabeth Colina, Hola Spanish Lessons’s Director at or 0044 (0) 77993401123.
  6. The purchase of a new block of lessons should be arranged directly with Hola Spanish Lessons, not with the tutor.