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Do you want to learn Spanish to communicate with a loved one? Are you looking for academic Spanish courses for your children? Have you always wanted to learn Spanish but hate boring classes?

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In today’s world where technology has advanced, you don’t have to rely on boring large textbooks, or commute to class to learn a language!

With our online courses, you can learn Spanish in a fun and engaging way, without even having to leave your house!

Personalized & Effective Lessons

To help you learn Spanish quickly and achieve your goals, we will tailor the course to your needs, level, and interests. Your tutor will be there to guide you throughout your learning journey!

Downloadable Practice Exercises

When learning a new language, there is nothing more effective than practicing. This is why you will have access to downloadable files with exercises to practice and recorded classes!


Masterclasses With Experts

With Hola Spanish Lessons, you will have the opportunity to attend masterclasses from language experts that will help you enhance and enrich your knowledge! 

A Modern Educational Method

The boring way is not the right way to teach Spanish. Endless presentations and large wordy texts are not our way to go!

Using the amazing features of technology, we adopt a fresh and dynamic approach. The courses are conducted in a fun and engaging way, with interactive bots that participate in the class and lots of fun activities.


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Excel At Spanish GCSE Exams

Our GCSE lessons will not only prepare your children to get an A and pass their exam, but will also teach them the language the right way and prepare them to speak confidently in real situations!

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At Hola Spanish lessons we believe that everyone deserves access to quality lessons. Therefore, we offer you the highest standards at affordable prices!


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Our team consists of passionate, talented,  native Spanish-speaking teachers, all qualified to degree-level, who will make you feel comfortable and support you!


We offer adaptability, but more importantly flexibility. Our online courses can be scheduled at a time that suits you, and you can attend them from anywhere!

I'm an Hola Spanish student based in Texas. I found out about Hola Spanish through their YouTube videos and was hooked! I love Brenda's teaching style and signed up for the Spanish Fluency Club which gives you the opportunity to learn from several wonderful teachers. The two weekly lessons plus the weekly conversational classes have helped me regain and improve my Spanish skills very quickly over the last two months. I studied Spanish in high school and college, but had not spoken it regularly in the 20 years since I graduated. I had lost the ability to comprehend and speak it well. That has changed thanks to Hola Spanish! I look forward to 1.5 hour long conversation classes on the weekends with students from around the world. I enjoy the small group setting and chance to speak on interesting topics and stretch my vocabulary. I have seen improvements in my speaking very quickly and I'm excited to advance my Spanish beyond the level I was at in school. I would highly recommend Hola Spanish and their online Spanish program to anyone interested in wanting to speak Spanish with confidence!

Haeley Giambalvo


Last November I took the DELE A2 exam and last week received the good news that I had passed. When I read the exam material I knew that the level was slightly higher than where I was at. I take lessons with a fantastic Spanish school in Perth, Australia but I knew that I had to do more. I watched lots Brenda and Romina's videos (the best I have seen), especially the ones on direct and indirect pronouns - these were key to me understanding the different units in the exam, as I hadn't covered this grammar in my classes. Without learning through Hola Spanish I would not have passed. Hola Spanish didn't give me a little help - it was a lot of help! The conversation classes gave me confidence for the listening and oral parts of the exam (huge thanks to Valeria!). Thank you all so much for giving me the help I needed. I am going to go for the DELE B1 exam next time and know I can count on the Hola Spanish team for support. Gracias otra vez!

David Merriman


I’m an english spanish student who lives in the south east of Spain. I discovered Hola Spanish on youtube whilst studying and i am now enrolled in the Hola Spanish program. I love the way the course is structured,the easy to follow video lessons and the conversation classes.Although i have studied spanish for two years, i always struggled with speaking and therfore decided to join the conversation classes. Since joining the conversation classes my confidence has grown and my speaking and listening skills have dramatically improved. I would highly recommend Hola Spanish to anyone learning spanish.

Ron Spencer


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